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NIIF CA Registration Authority (RA)

The Registration Authority (RA) is responsible for the communication with the certificate requestors and owners. It is also responsible for the identification and authorization of the certificate subjects.

Requests for new certificates, renewal of existing certificates, suspending certificates or withdrawing certificates can be submitted to the RA.

Questions and comments regarding the service can also be sent to the RA.

Currently the NIIF CA operates only one RA, which is located at the headquarter of the NIIF Office. New RAs can be set up in the future in countryside for the convenience of our clients.

The address of the NIIF CA RA:

    NIIF Iroda
    ("RA administrator")
    Victor Hugo u. 18-22.
    H-1132, Budapest, HUNGARY

Email: ca (at) niif (dot) hu /every day/

RA office hours: every Monday from 2 pm. till 4 pm.