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How to obtain a certificate?

Note: NIIF CA issues certificates only for the members of the Hungarian academic community, and only for well defined purposes! Both personal certificates and server/device certificates may be requested.

In order to get a personal certificate, requestor must be properly authenticated by a member of the HREF (Hungarian Research & Education Federation) AAI. (List of federation members)

If your home institution is not a member of HREF AAI, your credentials must be loaded into a special credential store called Parners' Identity Provider. This is a virtual home organization for enabling HREF AAI federated services for users without an Identity Provider.

To obtain a certificate, carefully follow the steps below:

  1. Read the relevant policy documents (first the CPS and than the CP which best corresponds to your request)!
  2. Make sure you understand and accept all the rules and obligations which are described in the above documents.
  3. Fill the " Request Form" out print and sign it. Attach all the requested documents. The statement of empoyment is required even in case of grid certificate requests. Send it to the NIIF CA Registration Authority by regular mail. Please indicate the grid project for which the certificate is requested in the Comment field.
    If your institution is not a member of HREF AAI, please fill in NIIF Partners' IdP Privacy Statement Form (in Hungarian) as well! Signed form should be sent to NIIF RA along with the above documents.
  4. Wait for the response of the RA which will be sent out to you by email. Steps to enroll your certificate request are described in the email.
  5. Visit the RA administrator personally during the published RA office hours, in order to identify yourself. Don't forget to take your photo ID with you!
  6. Wait for your signed certificate which will be sent to you by email.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact the NIIF CA staff!